If you’re just beginning to use crystals, a
great way to harness their healing power
is by using healing stones for manifesting
your intentions and what you want to
create in your life. When it comes to
crystal basics, these otherworldly rocks
connect us to the Earth because they are
tangible, physical forms that have powerful
vibrations. This energy continues to connect
with you when you wear these intention
crystals close to the skin or place them in
your environment. With every thought and
intention, these crystals pick up on your
unique vibrational energy and amplify the
positive vibes that you’re cultivating.
In this magical world of vibrations, crystal
energy helps you on your spiritual journey
because it works to hold your intention and
remind you of your connection to the Earth.
A well thought out intention is
the starting point for healing crystals
because specific intentions instilled into
your daily thought patterns also become part
of its energy

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