Healing crystals have been used since
ancient times, so there is a wealth of
knowledge and experience that has
been handed down from generation to
generation. Once you know the crystal
basics, use your intuition to choose the
right healing stones for your spiritual
journey. Crystal experts often say that
the crystal chooses you instead of the
other way around. Walk around the
room and see what crystals stand out to
you. Whether it’s the dazzling colors or
otherworldly shapes and patterns that
draw you in, each crystal has a unique
vibrational energy that works to clear
blockages and ward off negative energy.
Finding the right stone is like any practice
of wellness. It requires patience while you
quiet the mind and realign the mind/body
balance. Hold the stone in your hand and
quietly think of your intention. Notice if
you feel sensations such as hot or cold,
pulsations, or calmness and tranquility.
These are all signs that this particular rock
is perfect for your healing needs.
It also helps to identify a particular
problem or challenge you’re currently
facing. If you’re having trouble
concentrating, Fluorite help clear mental
and emotional confusion, which can prevent
concentration. To bring abundance into your
life, citrine helps you manifest your dreams
by channeling the positive vibrations of the
sun. Carnelian is a powerful crystal to get
the creative juices flowing.
If you have difficulty letting go of old
ideas that are no longer serving you, Black
Tourmaline is a powerful gemstone for
releasing unwanted patterns that may have
turned into bad habits. It helps release
all the negative energy in your body and
within your energy field. This stone also
serves as a talisman for protection, which
is essential if you’re the type of person that
easily picks up on other people’s energy.
Hematite is great for deflecting the negative
moods of others by grounding you and
reconnecting your spirit to the energy of
the Earth.
If you’re seeking more tranquility and
calm in your life, amethyst is one of the
best intention crystals for relieving stress
and bringing balance back into your life.
Another gemstone that helps balance
out emotions is moonstone, which gives
you support when you’re feeling overly
emotional or out of touch with your
feelings. Rose quartz is also helpful for
emotional well being because it opens and
realigns the heart chakra, which magnifies
feelings of self-love and the unconditional
love of others.
Whether you’re seeking out gemstones for
their physical beauty or to bring peace
and tranquility into your life, they all work
to increase your vibrational frequency. If
you feel good when you hold the crystal
in your hand or have it touching your skin,
get ready for opportunity to rock with this
ancient healing art

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