One of the most important, and often
overlooked, components to working with
healing crystals if setting your intention,
or programming. In our own words, you
have to give your crystal a job and a
purpose! Crystals want to work for you,
but you have to tell it what to do. In the
moments when you’re vibrating at a
lower frequency, your intentions can fly
out the window. When you reconnect
with your programmed crystal, it will help
you remember your goals and limitless
Programming your crystal is simple. The
first step is to cleanse your crystal. You
can choose your preferred method of
clearing, and what resonates with you the
most. Immerse your crystal in the smoke
of a burning sage stick, Frankincense
resin or Copal incense. Place your crystal
out under the light of the sun or the full
moon for at least 4 hours. Bury your
crystal in the Earth and allow it to become
recharged with Earth energy. If it’s a
smaller crystal, you can place it on top of
a Clear Quartz crystal or selenite crystal
to clear and cleanse any stuck energy.
Next, hold your crystal in your hands,
close your eyes, and take three deep
breaths. Reflect on your faith, the Earth,
and what makes you happy. This will
connect you with your highest vibration.
Your highest vibration may be associated
with a religious or spiritual belief, God,
or simply a divine power that’s greater
than you. Or it may be associated with a
scientific connection—zero point energy.
You decide what to call it. Then, while in
this space of love and light, ask that your
crystal be cleared of all unwanted energy
or previous programming.
Aloud or in your head, say: “I ask that the
highest vibration of love and light connect
with my highest self to clear all unwanted
energy or any previous programming. I
command this crystal to hold the intention
of . . .” To finish the sentence, add three
intentions for your crystal—energies
that you wish it to hold for you. End by
repeating “thank you” three times. By
saying it three times, you emphasize that
what you’re asking for already exists in the

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