Thoughts create vibrations throughout
the universe, which makes setting
intentions a powerful tool for achieving
happiness and well-being. Having a clear
purpose provides us with insight into our
aspirations, dreams, and values. It also
helps us live in the present moment instead
of being caught in negative thought
patterns. Intentions are like magnets. They
attract what will make them come true.
Setting an intention is a powerful tool for
achieving happiness. Crafting an intention
starts by setting goals that align with your
values, aspirations, and purpose.
1. Decide what matters to you. Your values
drive the actions in your life, and you’ll
need to recognize what truly matters to
you if you want to find fulfillment.
2. Explore areas of your life that need an
upgrade. Consider how you can improve
your relationships, career, social life,
spirituality, health, and community.
3. Be specific about what you want and why.
4. Bring your intentions to life. Certain rituals
in the following chapters will ask you to
write them down. Make sure you write
them in the present tense, as if they’re
happening now, and affirm only what you
want. You should also write down your
goal, the end result of what you wish to manifest. Put feeling into it!

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