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I discovered makeup when I was 13 and it changed my life.  I started wearing mascara, and overnight, people reacted to me in a very different way. I was more popular and noticed—and I felt more confident. While at first it seemed like a depressing realization, I soon realized that makeup is powerful—it’s every woman’s secret weapon.

Makeup can give you the confidence to change your job, move abroad, get a pay raise, get that man you’ve always wanted. It’s what I call the psychology of makeup: if you look at your best, you will feel and perform at your best. Why not put your best face forward in life?

I was always fascinated by the power a beautiful woman has as she enters a room. There’s something entrancing and intoxicating about her power.  I used to study the faces of famous beauties like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Sophia Loren to understand what gave them their power—the symmetry, features, shapes and colors. Ever since then, no one has ever seen me without makeup on!  I definitely wouldn’t have the life and career I have without it.

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